My Journey…

Being a student…again

Finding evidence, making sure it matches criteria, pulling it together into a portfolio...I did all this two years ago when I was doing a Level 4 NVQ in Business Administration. I did not believe for one minute that I would... Continue Reading →


Anything for an easy life

When doing anything in life, either professionally or personally, I like the easy life. I will always try and find a way to make a task easier; be it delegating a task to someone else or finding a ‘quick fix’... Continue Reading →

At the end of the day

The day was finally here; a development day focusing on the Sheffield College’s Cornerstones. For the first part of the day staff were randomly put into groups and after Hannah’s opening speech and a rousing, collective game of Rock, Paper,... Continue Reading →

A New Direction

There has always been something inside me that has held me back. I get myself (both personally and professionally) comfortable and a former Manager would say I liked my corner too much; this was proved by my reluctance to go... Continue Reading →

YouTube – not just for fun

You hear someone say YouTube and what do you automatically think of? My sons, for example, are both avid YouTubers; one watches a constant stream of gaming videos and, as he calls them, ‘Epic Fail’ videos while the other watches... Continue Reading →

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